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DJI P3 - Lost GPS over stadium lights
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Hello all - I believe I experienced electro-magnetic interference but wanted to run it by you guys.

This past Friday I flew our local High School Football game (received permission and didnt fly over people).  Upon ascending higher than the stadium lights I decided to do a manual orbit and about the time I got over one of the stadium lights my screen flashed "Loss of GPS signal" and my bird started flying erratic.  It flew hard left to the point you could see the landing gear in my FPV - a very scary moment for any pilot.  Anyway I immediatley started pulling it back to get closer to me and finally it recovred the GPS signal and began a controlled hover.

I went ahead and landed, checked everything and resumed flying but only beyond the end zone areas where there were no people or  lights - it flew as it should.

Has anyone else expereinced the intereference from lights or other RF at a public event?


Use props
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