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F-550 Power Q's
653 1 2015-9-23
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[size=14.6667px]I've been flying my F-550 for a time now and have some questions regarding the power system particularly back-up or replacement props and a possible heavier lift upgrade.
[size=14.6667px]My current set-up: Stock with the 2212/960 motors and I'm running a 4S setup. I have an AeroXcraft landing gear (super light), and Arris 3 axis gimbal toting a Hero 4 Silver. The setup also includes the NazaV2, Spektrum 9 ch RX with 2 sats, IOSD MK II, Immersion Fat Shark, DJI BTU module, and Sony Security Cam for full FPV capability. I typically use a 5.8mah 4S Battery and currently get about 6 min of flight with this setup. I power my gimbal separate with a 1.0mah 3S Lipo, utilize the internal Hero battery, and the FPV is currently not powered. I'm currently using the DJI 8045 (8") props so I do have some added weight with this overall set-up, but she flies like a champ.

[size=14.6667px]These are my questions: I'm looking for some back-up props and also have a set of DJI 1038's (10" props) on my bench! I'm told that I should use my 8045 props for a 4S setup and the 1038's for a 3S setup. Obviously, I'm toting some extra weight, but can I use the 1038's with my 4S stock setup or do I need to stick with the 8" Props? Also, if I do switch to the 10" will the motors get too hot? When ordering additional props, do you suggest that I stay with the DJI props (I like them) or order different (like carbon fiber) and if so, what do you recommend?

[size=14.6667px]Finally, if I wanted to upgrade my current set-up to lift heavier weights (in the event that I wanted to parallel 2 of those 5.8 4S batteries), would this current set-up lift that weight and what would you recommend overall (as far as motors/esc/etc.) if I wanted to upgrade my current stock system taking lift capability and battery flight times into consideration.

[size=14.6667px]Last question: Do you feel it's reasonable for 6 min of flight in GPS mode on my current 5.8mah 4S batteries and do you have any feedback with this inquiry?

[size=14.6667px]Pardon the long message and my NOOB status, but research leads to so much muddy water and I would rather streamline my approach to a group of fellow users with better direct knowledge and experience than I currently possess. Any advice any of you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Use props

United States

You can use the 1038 props with stock set up. I do. Works fine just keep an eye on the motor temp on hot days.

Use props
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