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Discussion on interpreting US rules/guidelines
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terrylewis Posted at 2016-5-24 23:55
Just to add to Jim's reply. Our US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) has a mobile app that you can be d ...

Hi Terry,

Thank you for this. I will download it as soon as I land in LA. (It's not available for download in Aus.)
I am also heading over the Cancun, Mexico. Have you heard of anyone having any trouble over there?
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I realize this is an old thread revised but since it is a fairly appropriate topic, I'll take advantage of it. In 3 of my recent flights this past month I've had what I'll call encounters with the local police helicopters. Nothing like a near miss but enough to cause concern that such a thing could easily happen. Flying within all guidelines in a variety of areas around San Gabriel Valley, I've had them blow by my location between 150 and 250 feet AGL. These were not guys looking for a suspect. They were going from point A to point B at fairly rapid rates. When a copter flies BELOW the altitude I'm at it's hard to determine what is the best option, take it up higher or try to bring it down rapidly. Again, the I1P was never in their flight path and I'm not sure they ever saw my bird in any of the cases. This seems to me to be the largest danger we face, at least in the Los Angeles area where virtually every small city has it's own chopper and there don't appear to be any rules on how they fly. Anyone else had similar occurrences?
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