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GS still wants GPS mode after firmware update
695 1 2014-12-17
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Sorry, but I must not know how to search effectively -- I'm sure I've seen thsi topic before. Noob to this forum, been flying the pv2 for about a year or so.

I'm using a Phantom 2 Vision (not the plus). I used the PT2 Mac software to update the firmware on the Phantom successfully with a successful test flight afterwards. The DJI Vision app is a brand new download onto my iPad Air. Everything is fine until I swipe to Ground Station, plan a flight, and select Go. I get the Switch to GPS mode message. It is in GPS mode.

So I opened the TX and plugged into the internal USB port and started the PT2 software. When I click on Phantom in the top right to switch to the controller, it says "Please connect to controller"

I'm assuming I need to update the firmware on the TX. Do I need different software for this? Not sure what I need to do next.

Thanks for any ideas.
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I don't know why you're plugging the USB cable directly into the remote control, it should be plugged into the USB port on the Phantom itself when you're using the Phantom 2 Vision Assistant software. (sounds like you should download and read through a copy of the user manual)

When you plug directly into the remote control you would use the DJI RC assistant software and that would just be for updating the remote control.  Or calibrating the sticks -- which you can already do in the Vision Assistant software.

I haven't tinkered enough with the ground station to offer any helpful suggestions...
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