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I1, X3 firmware update for Osmo
2271 1 2015-10-27
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Fred D
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I have ordered the Osmo Handle only because I already have two X3 cameras for my Inspire 1 (I like having spares), and I had read somewhere that to use the camera off the Inspire (X3) we would need to update the camera firmware before it would be compatable with the Osmo handle.

My questions then,  1) Is this accurate, is a firmware update required for the I1-X3 camera to work on the Osmo handle?
                              2) If there is a firmware update required, where do we get it and what's it called?
                              3) Has anyone done this camera firmware update?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Yes it says that you need to upgrade the firmware of the X3 camera before connecting it into the OSMO in the User's Manual.  The user's manual states that the firmware will be available soon after the manual is released.  I have looked all over DJI's site and have not found the firmware update on the X3.  We are due for a firmware update on the Inspire 1.  My guess it will be then that we will see the firmware update for the X3 to support the OSMO handle.
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