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I have a p2v -- it is over a year old. Worked great until the I got the latest version of the app on my iPhone 6. Noticed other reviews in the app store complaining that their video feed stopped with the latest update. Since everything was working fine before the update, I can only assume this is the problem.

Now, I do not get any live video feed to my phone. I get everything else: telemetry, etc. I can control the camera just fine. I can even watch the videos or look at the photos just fine -- but where the live video feed should be, I have an iPhone pinwheel.

I have checked all connections, inside and out. All software and firmware are up-to-date.

On my iPhone 6, I switch to Airplane mode, then turn on WIFI, and it connects to my home network. I get the airplane and wifi symbol on the top left of my iPhone. In settings, I connect to my Phantom WIFI and start the DJI app. The DJI app says it is connected to the Phantom WIFI, and it is, because I can see the photos on the SD card.

But the iPhone 6 status bar at the top shows no WIFI connection. I just noticed this, and it might be totally irrelevant, but thought I should mention it. As I said, the DJI app sees the wifi and it is connected. I can control the camera tilt, take photos and videos, and see them directly. Just no live video feed.

The phantom flies fine and acts normally. Not having the live video feed really limits me as a lot of the fun stuff to see around here is near trees. I don't have good enough depth perception to get close without the live video feed.

Thank you for any ideas.
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United States

If you have an android phone or tablet I would try the app and see if that works. If it does it's a problem with the DJI app and not hardware. If the same issue is in the android app you have a problem with the wifi Tx in the Phantom.
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