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My P3S Controller upgrades
502 1 2015-12-6
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I had a Galaxy Tab 2 7" tablet I wanted to use, but the stock phone holder wasn't big enough.  So I designed and printed an adapter that would hold the tablet and could be clipped with the phone holder.

Probably isn't much use to others as it's made for use with the specific case I have, but the design is available here

This brought me to the next problem.  The arm of the stock phone holder that comes on the P3S is really crappy plastic. Despite the adapter working really well and the clip holding it securely, the tablet was all over the place because the arm was bending and twisting.

Upgraded to the metal armed verion.  But not just one, I bought two of these

I also printed a second holder.

Even with just one clip, the metal armed phone holder was much more stable. With two, the tablet is ROCK solid now.  

As I outlined in my other range problem thread, I purchased the DBSMods version of the itElite panel antenna.  Install was easy and range was markedly improved. I added some right angle RP-SMA adapters as the wires were really getting in the way of mounting the table where I wanted it.

Now the only issue is I added all this weight to the front end...going to have to do something about that.

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I thought about different mounts. My Inspire one controller has the best so I bought the device holder and mounted to my controller. It holds my iPAD air 2 great.  
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