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[Post-production Tutorial] DNG Cleaner
13497 2 2015-12-8
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DJI team

Hong Kong

Sometimes shooting in low light conditions, your DNG image gets some strange colorful dots, which are especially common for DNG format pictures. And it’s pretty sad when your aerial photo gets ruined by those dots everywhere…However, it not only happens with DJI cameras, but with all other cameras as well.

Here’s an example:
Obviously, you don’t want these things to be in your photo, so there is the way to get rid of this annoyance:
The first solution is to open your DNG file with Photoshop CS6 or later version and dots will disappear automatically. If they don’t disappear, it could mean that your Photoshop has some problems, and needs to be reinstalled.
If you are not successful with Photoshop, another way to clean up your images is to download the DNG cleaner software from official DJI website, and put your files through it.

You can get both Windows and Mac versions:

And here is the result:

Now image is clean!
Please enjoy your shooting, like these guys do:
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United States

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much, Tim, for the information... I have tried using the DNG Cleaner program and I just installed the latest version of Photoshop from Adobe... neither one has given me success.  My DNG files still open up with the dots.  It's weird because this issue just started happening over the last week, shortly after I updated the firmware on my P3P.  Could the issue have something to do with the update?  I never had this issue before and I always shoot in DNG raw mode.  As a side note, I tried shooting in JPG mode and there are no dots.  I'd rather shoot in DNG though so that I have more control over my images in post-production.

I could send you one or two of the actual DNG files and you can see if you have any luck on your side.  Just let me know where to e-mail them to.  Last weekend, I was shooting pictures of a building next to a lake and it was during the middle of the day.  Areas of the lake water that were in the shade had these dots.  

Any help, assistance, or guidance to help solve this problem would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks again!

Example photo (see dots over black car in garage)
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DJI team

Hong Kong

elvolo Posted at 2015-12-10 03:06
Hi Tim,

Thank you so much, Tim, for the information... I have tried using the DNG Cleaner program a ...

Sorry to hear that, you camera seems to be defective, please contact your dealer or DJI LA office about this issue
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