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Time Lapse Photography with Inspire Recommendations
764 2 2015-12-11
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I am new to Inspire and drones.  I have been tasked with flying to the same point in sky daily, over the next several months, to create 'time lapse' photography of a construction site.  Any ideas and recommendations?

Any way to 'plug in' GPS waypoint?

Or do I have to fly to point in sky and select 'Waypoint'?

Anyway to select camera look angle both horizontal and vertical?   Via 'waypoint' mode I get same point in the sky, but how do I set camera look angle?

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There might be a much better way to do it, but I would just take a screenshot of your location (including altitude) so that you can just fly to that same spot in the future. Framing-wise, it's not too hard to match a frame if you bring your last shot with you. Just use landmarks or whatever from the area to match frame.
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Depending if you're using IOS or Android, there are some apps that allow you to save a waypoint, nose heading, camera angle, etc.

For IOS I recommend Autopilot. For Android Litchi. Litchi is there for a long time and has everything you need to exactly re-fly your waypoint(s) over and over again. Even including the take off and landing. It is pretty accurate. You only have to decide for the camera settings and when to press the shutter.
Autopilot recently introduced waypoints (at least in the beta so it is coming, if it's not already in the latest public version (I'm a beta tester so I always use a latest beta version on my iPad).
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