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New problems with the DJI osmo
2353 3 2015-12-25
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United States

Been doing a lot of reasurch regarding the buying the DJI osmo and it seems their are some Firmwhere issues that need to be adressed. created a youtube video entitled

DJI Osmo Review: A 4k Steadicam for $650  

Here is the list of issues that he encountered that seems to be a big issue with the firmwhere.  

1. the camera turns sideways randomly.  

2. the camera will stop stablising probably due to connection ussues with the phone.  

3.  the app seems to need to be restarted because the camera won't opperate or record.  This might be a memmory issue because it will shoot one day but the next it may be fussy.  My thinking is to get around this is to clear the memmory every time the app starts up probably will solve all the issues above.  

4.  when the operator presses the button 3 times the camera may turn in the wrong direction causing the camera to stick IE trying to go past the 180 digree mark.  this can be solved one of two ways I guess the firmwhere can can remember which way the camera turned or remember where it is positioned in relation to where it is currently at or you can have a built in switch that forces the camera to spin in the opsite direction when it goes too far but I can see that option causing more problems then good IE the operator tries to rotate the camera and it rotates back during a shot which can be really bad.  What I am also thinking is having a GUI display showing the current number of digrees of pan tilt.

5.  if you do leave the internal mic PLEASE don't fix the mics position but rather explane to the person buying the camera in the camera manual to let them know the mic is only there for refrence audio only.  I understand why the mic was placed where it was placed but to avoid any future nagging from the coustmer I would just take it out all together.  ether way education is the key here to avoid negitive coustmer feedback from web reviews.  

6.  The gimble moater and fan moater.  I know its noisy PLEASE don't worry about consumer reviews on this subject rather educate the consumer that the nature of this technoligy is inharently noisy.  Back in the film days film cameras where noisy and it wasn't a big deal.  I know people want to have their cake and eat it too.  

7.  the osmo should have an accessory for a tripod mount in the box even if that means encluding the selfie stick when the consumer buys the camera.  Its really frustrating when I need the mount and have to fish or shop for a mount because it didn't come with the camera.  After all this is a camera so it mine as well have a universal mount come with the camera

8. This is my sgestion. The Magic Lantern hack really changed the indestry because of total custmisation.  My segestion is this keep your firmwhere opensource for the community to edit and change.  allong with that make sure you allow the person running the video to have %100 controle over the codec, Bitrate settings, aspect ratio, pixle aspect ratio settings, audio bitrate,  and frame rate, and full color, brightness and contrast and sharpness controle. Yes, I know and I repeat this again I know that this may cause the camera to stop recording because of the processing speed and thats OK really its ok because I rather KNOW that I can't make changes to the camera and have it stop working because of user error then know that I am limated because of the firmwhere.  this is the number one reason why canon sales are so high once they came out with HD recording because once magic lantern came out people went crazy.  The people at panosonic  recognised this and added these features in their gh4.  Just food for thought.  also this is why the Red camera broke the indestry mold as well.  the key here to sucess is to keep technoligy open to the public to adapt and innovate.  Let the consumer tell you how they want their camera.  Every time a camera manufacture does this it really increases sales every time.  and of course keeping the price point down helps too.  

anywho thanks for listining.  

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DJI team

Hong Kong

Thanks for all of the useful suggestions. About the last one, do you mean that DJI should provide a SDK platform for the Osmo?  
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United States

DJI-Amy Posted at 2015-12-28 00:09
Thanks for all of the useful suggestions. About the last one, do you mean that DJI should provide a  ...

that is a good question.  I think a combination of letting the community tinker with the firmwere on the camera and SDK.  The idea is to let the community push the boundaries and the company makes changes based on limitations or needs through real time feedback and software development.  Its a win win in my book speeds up troubleshooting and development cost go way down.  Most people don't care to develop their own camera because it is too cumbersome and takes a lot of engineering and cost more its cheaper just to mod the firmware and SDK.   At NAB there was some serious talk about having cameras that are open source that seems to be the trend today.  Many of the top most influential companies keep there development open source Hence Tesla, Magic lantern etc.  So financially I think it would be a good move but if you do this I would put it in your disclaimer that any modification to the factories firmware or sdk will void the warranty.  Most people who buy the camera will know this, but take the risk especially if they are competent in what they are doing.  

I would like to add that I feel that the automatic registration of the OSMO when connected to the phone is a bit intrusive.  The registration should start on the date of purchase so a proof of purchase should be required.  I'll bet that's one reason why your having some issues with the connection.  I have come across a lot of software and this causes many problems for the end user.  less software security and User authentications = less problems most of the time.    Besides most people who buy these cameras buy them online and they will have email receipts.  

I think their needs to be a way to plug in an atomos ninja assassin,  Odyssey 7Q+, and what ever tech that happens to be around at the time for external recording.  I mentioned it before about using some kind of brake out cable but I think an HDMI or mini displayport can come out the side next to the placement of the phone device.  mini displayport might give users many options to connect difrent devices much like the brake out cable I mention before.  If your wondering how to send audio video and data down the handle you may be able to do that with spring loaded contact pins when locking the camera unit to the handle.  Save space and I think the connection would be fine.  Much like SLR chips on the mount of a lens.  It has the risk of loosing connection over time due to dust and such but that can be taken care of with a little cleaning.  

I will give you an idea of how it should work.  When going threw reviews I noticed people where using the osmo where one person was operating the camera remotely with the iphone or ipad and the operator was moving the camera.  The problem is the operator does not have the ability to see the footage just guess.  I think being able to feed live 4k footage to the hdmi output would act as both as a preview monitor and recorder.  I think this can be done for the Zenmuse x3 and x5.  

also in regards to firmware I would treat the community Firmware and SDK hacks as bata test and do an official update every 1-6 months what ever is the most economical.  It beats the hell out of hearing a bunch of angry people complaining about the firmware and SDK problems their is a new update.  I think the Magic lantern community has it down.  Might want to connect with them and share the code.  they have all the third party infrastructure to support something like this.  I think following under the apache license 2.0 is the way to go here.  I know DJI is ahead of the game when it comes to developing new designs and allowing for open source keeps the talent pool open and Innovation will favor DJI because the company will see problems and consumer needs in real time.  The less control you put on products the more it spreads ie the idea of free.  the biggest corporations to this day have this thinking.  Once we open the doors for creativity and innovation then great ideas will be limitless.  I talked with an adobe rep and he said that they ONLY look at consumer feedback on the forums for modifications.  

Also I was hoping DJI could add a slot for an SDXC rather then a micro sd.  I know the need for a compact camera is priority but you can push the speed using SDXC.  the new scan disk cards go up to 280 MB/s. The fastest micro SD card goes to 90 MB/s.  I know this is a lot to ask but the speed increase is huge.  Scan disk also came out with a 512 gb card as well that shoots 90 MB/s so while the micro is a little bit smaller I think the SDXC card slot is much more practical espesialy as technology improves.   

I am a multimedia specialist with viral marketing and branding background so I understand this concept personal experience.   

Sorry I know your question was short Amy.  I am just full of passion for the product as you might tell.  I showed a few people the new OSMO and there jaws dropped.  You are welcome to contact me at any time If you would like to communicate to me about the things I have said.  I know DJI will be attending the NAB next year and I think I will be showing up to the booth.  I hope their will be some changes made to the OSMO by then.  Really excited!

PS I was the second person in history to test the magic Lantern Firmwere hack on the canon 60D.    It was certantly nerve racking when I did it at the time as you can imagin but I never looked back.  Still use it to this day. I talked with the creator and at the time he seemed to be open with the idea of allowing more camera manufactures be a part of the magic lantern community.  Not sure why canon never picked up the invitation but I guess they figured the community already had their thing going  so my guess is they staied nutural.      
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OSMO MOBILE - Problems detected and aggravated after APP / Firmware update (DJI GO 3.1.15 2017/08/25; Firmware V1.6.0.80 2017/06/05):  IPhone 6s  - Loss of connection between OSMO MOBILE / iPhone 6s  - Poor stabilization or zero  - Films in LapsTime but does not record in memory. It only records 01 second
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