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Bracketing and Huge time between taking photos.
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New Zealand

Is there anyway to increase the exposure difference between fames when using bracketing? From waht I can tell it's only doing +/- just under one stop from the orgianl exposure on 3 shots, and maybe 1.5 stop on 5 exposures. Would be nice top increase this to 2-3 stops instead.

Secondly, is it normal for the DJI to have massive delays between shots (shooting .DNG), it seems to take about 2 seconds between photos, so it takes absolutly ages to do an 3 or 5 expsoure bracket. This seems very high for quite a low resolution sensor, the files are only about 20MB. This was using the card that came with the Phantom, I do have an San disk Extreme Pro that might speed things up, but it seems like there is no buffer at all on the camera is it's directly recording to the card? (maybe I've just been spoiled with cameras that can shoot RAW+JPEG at 12 frames a second)

Other then that, loving the Phantom Advanced so far!

P.S, does anyone know if you can view the flight logs avliable in the DGI GO app via browser/program on a PC?
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Flight distance : 475371 ft

Viewing logs in browsers

There are at least 3 ways for doing that.
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