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Screen freezing only when recording...
789 2 2016-1-27
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United Kingdom

Hi, new to the forum and to DJi products

Bought an OSMO yesterday and having an issue with it and the DJi Go App. Have done a search and found a fair bit of info, but couldnt find anything relating to my issue. Basically the OSMO connects to my phone (LG G2) via wifi (little inconsistant but generally works) I can walk around and get a pretty stable feed, that is until I hit record on either the OSMO or the phone. It then stutters, picture freezes and the reverts me back to the screen where you select your OSMO (or Phantom). Does this everytime.

Secondly, tried my Wife's iPhone 6 plus yesterday and got no feed at all..Tried again today buy reinstalling the Go App and seems to be working fine except in full 4k whereas once recording the screen freezes, which Ithink I've read is a current firmware problem which DJi are addressing.

So, can I deduce that although my LG sort or works but not fully is it a compatability issue and I need a different device? I was convinced that because neither of the phones would work it was faulty...Now I'm not so sure.

Any help appreciated.


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I have the same problem, described here
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The iPhione should work fine
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