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Ronin M Tilt Drifting!
1268 1 2016-1-30
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United States

Hey everyone. So it seems only a handfull of people are having this issue and I have yet to find a resolution after extensive forum and google searching. So here we go: At start up my tilt axis is always wanting to slowly drift to about -15 degrees and stay there as if it thinks that is level. Balance is fine, calibration through the app doesnt solve it, zeroing centerline only applies to pan so no solution there, reset to factory settings didnt work, trim doesnt bring it up enough....frustrated and confused I reach out to you guys to see if there is an answer. Oh, and I once saw someone mention taking out screws and moving the arms relative to the drive shaft, but that is impossible since they are keyed to eachother; I have no idea why that was even a sugggestion.

Check out my video example.
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Hong Kong

Please reset it to factory default settings and do "system calibration" more than once, make sure the FM are up to date
if nothing works, please contact DJI support for repair, thanks a lot!
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