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Osmo Split my video file into 9 minutes files
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DeeKay0 Posted at 4-17 08:24
Still not fixed 2019, there seems to comes no FW Update. The OSMO Pocket seems to havn't that problem (what I read here in the Forum), its split the files, but there is no gap.

My Setup:
Firmware: OSMO_FC350Z_FW_V1.6.01.00
SD CARD: Hama 64 GB    SDCX   UHC-I    45MB/s

Gaps are between 1500ms - 1900ms  resolution not matter 4K and FullHD have the same gap effect. I tried a couple of settings in the DJI GO App, nothing helps. Tried to format the SD-Card in Windows, Linux and with the DJI GO App
4-17 08:30
Use props
Hong Kong

majormauser Posted at 2017-4-12 07:25
The issue is because of Windows. This issue is not a problem. Almost all modern cameras split clips because of compatibility and limitations of legacy windows OS.

If you use the capture application ( Premirere,gopro,Sony,Edius 8, Resolve) or transcoding software like the app mentioned in this thread you will not have any issues using your recordings and there will not be any lost frames or gaps in your longer recordings. HOWEVER if you use a transcoding applicaton like Paveltube or any of the many Scam transcoders out there I have found they DON't Work. So be careful with what you see out there on the internet. 99% of the tutorials that you see on how to fix this issue are scam apps. You just need to work with an paid semi pro Editing app. Use capture or import and you won't have gaps or issues with working with long recording.

I can not agree.

It is not an issue with Windows. It is a problem of DJI in splitting the files where the gaps appear after joining the split clips together as something should be there are not there. It is not the issue of the apps that are paid or not for post-editing or joining. The saying that the gaps or issues are not a problem using a paid app is no different from the "99%" tutorials on the web.

Dji should fix the program bug as soon as possible. We understand splitting may be a choice but missing something that should be captured is not.
11-5 22:57
Use props
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