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[P2V+] Can't Fly Far
783 3 2015-1-7
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I've had my P2V+ since Dec 31st, 2014, and have since flown it a few times. In the beginning, I was very conservative in that I didn't fly too far, but I have been trying to fly further nowadays, but kept getting "Connection to Phantom Lost" when I fly more than Distance: 50-70m  and Altitude: 50-70m. Sometimes, it could get disconnect intermittently too. After it is lost, it automatically went into RTH mode, where I just flick the S1 switch to the middle, and up to continue my flight.

Any idea why it doesn't go as far as it should? The whole P2V+ is in default configuration, expect that I enabled Naza mode. I have also calibrated the compass. The antenna is positioned 90-degrees from the Phantom, not straight (pointing directly at the Phantom) as one would think. I read that this is better. During connection lost, I set it to straight (pointing directly at the Phantom) hoping it will improve the situation, it doesn't. It causes more intermittent disconnections.

I have been flying at one location, and it's a huge field. I don't get any disconnection above the field. It gets disconnected when it flies above buildings like houses, and shops no taller than 20m. Would that be an issue? I am flying some 30-50m higher.

Any idea, any idea?


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Is your controller antenna pointed directly at the Phantom?  If it is, point it to the left or right  between 60 to 90 degrees to the Phantom.  The strongest signal comes from the side of your antenna and not the end of it.
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There was an earlier thread with the exact same problem - I am suspecting a bad batch of transmitters...

You should definitely contact DJI or your dealer...if it were me, I'd ask for another TX just to try and isolate the problem. Or, maybe they know something you and I don't.

Remember, the wireless extender should have nothing to do with this - because the TX and Phantom are connected direct - not through the wireless extender.

Of course, it could also be something strange in the software or extender causing that to over-ride the fact that the Phantom is within close range....
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when you mean 'lost connection' it is the video link connection lost or RC signal?
If you lost RC signal you should check it is in FCC or CE mode in the RC assistant software.
and be aware that the building may not only block the signal, also it might have a EMC emission. Normally   there are lots of wifi router and the wifi signal would interference the drone.
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