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Phantom 3 Pro with Flytrex Live 3G
568 1 2016-3-7
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I fitted a Flytrex live 3G GSM tracker to my P3P - bit of a no brainer with a 1600 euro investment - and I am slowly collecting "badges". If you are not familiar with badges visit the Fltrex site.

Went down a cliff in Ramsgate, Kent, UK, the flight record shows a decent of 23 metres below launch point but the Flytrex record doesnt. Not normally an issue but critical for a "Diver" badge. Flytrex will give me the badge based on both logs not that it's a big thing but technically I am interested if anyone else has met this problem.

I was using a German O2 SIM in England - all UK missions registered without issue except for this minor one.


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Flight distance : 791020 ft

Hi Alan

Can you post the link to this mission on your Flytrex page? I'll review this quickly and see what might be causing this.

Also, please see that we released a new firmware version earlier today for the Flytrex Live Plus. The new firmware includes some major improvements that were also designed to improve the on-board barometer altitude reading and might be helpful with this situation as well. Please try to update to the new and latest firmware (v32) so we can see if this helps with similar future flights.

Just FYI, to upgrade to the latest firmware simply go to your Flytrex Account Settings -> Devices -> Manage, and click on the button to Upgrade Firmware. Your Live device will then automatically update the device firmware to the new and latest version on your next powerup. The firmware upgrade is done over the air, so you don't really need to do anything else rather than requesting the upgrade via the web-site.

Let me know how it goes, looking forward to your follow-up.

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