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Had my first test flight with P4...impressions
725 2 2016-3-15
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United States

1. I like the Active fairly well...not as well as the demo videos...nor the Press event demo...but well enough for family events and stuff like that.
2. They say the new cam is supposed to be really great....some even saying better than the x3....but, so far, I find the video a bit noisy...could be I need to make some adjustments. But at first Inspire takes better video.
3. They have REALLY expanded the NFZ's....half my test field has been suddenly cut off. I've been flying there for 2 years...and it is well outside the NFZ circle.
4. The low hover is the best I've ever seen....dead solid...this Phantom may be more useful for congested (indoor) uses....just have plenty of light and contrasting patterns.
5. Well designed....Apple-like in looks.
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Flight distance : 986716 ft

I did not have your experience.

My video quality IS as good as a X3.  I did a side by side comparison today.  However, it is compressed much more, so it's a lesser camera as explained in my dissertation in some other thread.

The active track works as well as it can with current technology as far as I'm concerned.  You have to know how to set the shot up.  Like I tested it on my girl but if I was setting up a shot, I would block it and know exactly how it would work.

NFZ I thought  would be terrible for me. I live right next door to Burbank airport but its a tiny airport so it might be why it still lets me fly. I thought my backyard days were over but not so.

Happy flying.
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DJI team

Hong Kong

Thanks for sharing with us.
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