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cannot connect new P4
418 1 2016-4-6
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I had a P3P but now have a new P4 and can't get past the "How to Connect" button on the DJI Go app.  I'm logged into my DJI account on my ipad and it is connected to the USB port on the controller.  Phantom 4 is in the upper window, power is on the ipad, controller, and P4.  How do I get past the "How to Connect" ?

edit:  When I had my P3P I used my iphone 6 or my ipad mini, both successfully.  I still cannot get past the "How to Connect" on my ipad but when I use my iphone 6 the DJI Go app works fine.
Also, my ipad mini has the most current IOS 9.3.1 but my iphone is still on 9.2.1 due to a work (employer) issue keeping me from updating.  Could that be the issue?

How can I get the DJI Go app on the ipad to get past the "How to Connect" ?

Problem solved:  I downloaded IOS 9.3.1 in my ipad and it works fine.  
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Glad to hear that. Enjoy your P4
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