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Best drone for photogrammetry?
6615 7 2016-4-22
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Hi guys,

We need to make a 3D model of a site suburb/houses of about 5km by 3km.
We have been doing photogrammetry for a long time using DSLR but from helicopters.
I was wondering if this task could be done with some drones, as I think it has build in softwares to plan the route and take all the shots at equal intervals.
I guess my main questions are :
* Is it possible to use any of the DJI drones to plan a matrix of shots?
* What would be the best combo of drone/camera to achieve this?
* What's the average distance a drone can travel? To asses how much batteries we would need to cover the whole site.

I saw that the phantom has about 20-23min of battery. I'm not sure if we can do 16m/s * 60 sec * 20min? that would give us about 19Km, without wind obviously, would that math be right?
Is it possible to plan that whole massive site in the dji and have it comming back when he needs power and resume where he left off to cover the whole site?

We are not exclusive to the phantome or the inspire, maybe the M600 would be the best fit for this task as the biggest issue is getting enough power to juice up the drone to cover the whole extend of that big site.

Otherwise, we will have to go back to helicopters.

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Hi. It seems that you can't plan a matrix to shoot on DJI GO app however there exist another applications(haven't tried) - Litchi for example. Haven't tried it but may try.

Also, I think no drone will be able to push up to 5km without a serious signal extender.
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Don't even think of doing photogrammetry with the Go app.
For a big survey like that you will need a dedicated app to handle the mission.
What you want to do could be done with DroneDeploy and a Phantom 3 Advanced or Pro.
DroneDeploy can run a mission that requires multiple flights/batteries.
You change batteries and it will resume the mission where it left off.

One problem though is that in firmware versions after 1.4 DJI altered the way the altitude is recorded in the image's Exif data so that the field where accurate barometer data used to be now has wildly inaccurate GPS altitude data and the barometer data (that you would want) is in a different field.

DroneDeploy could tell you if they have a way around this.
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I can't answer you question but I found this. I hope you find it helpful.
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Thanks labroides, I'll get in touch with them and see that the best options are with them, hopefully they know all the drones types and will be able to point me in the right direction.


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Hi sbrusse, some news about your research? I need to make a photogramtery in Brazil too and wondering what software to create and app to control the matrix I will use. I also have a Phantom3 Pro. Have you found anything else?
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A lot of things makes a good drone for photogrammetry: Phantom 4 Pro Has a maximum flight time of 30 min, providing more time in the air to capture the perfect shot. The DJI GO app shows battery lifetime and calculates remaining flight times according to distance traveled and more. It will give alerts when it reaches a minimum safe amount required for a safe back to the takeoff point.
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Hi all
i want to make 3d model with high accuracy  of maximum 5 cm for 4 km * 4 Km
what is the best drones should i buy for this mission

thank you
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