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Gain/Expo settings for photography?
819 2 2016-5-19
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I'm wondering what people are using to slow down the bird so its not to reactive, I have a setting already based upon the FB group from Lynn.  However I want to have a much smoother, a bit slower and less jerkyness when doign some waypoint flying, or just doing video but with very tiny movements.  Anyone have any suggestions on additional settings for this?

Also can you switch the settings, I think we have a few configs options?  I dont recall since I dont have the app in front of me.
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Lower your Expo settings for sure, only go down in 5 to 10% increments.  Keep in mind the lower the numbers are from 50 below will soften the feel of sticks at or near neutral, above 50 and the sticks become super sensetive near neutral.  

Also  lower the speed of the Gimbal wheel as well  down to about 30, once again each pilots sweet spot will be different.

Be careful with gains.  Gains are how the aircraft responds to external forcres placed on it like wind and pressure, you dont want it to sensitive or to mushy , be careful with this one and only move it up or downin small increments.

I would back off the brake as well, to me the stock setting is to high.  I am also going to give a link to a great page as well.

Lynn settings from what I have read are to Mush and make the aircraft get pushed around in light winds, use your own judgement, That goes for my advice as well,  try mine but you are the Pilot !!
tim has done a good job and goes into muchmore detail here. Good luck and have fun !!


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Donnie, posted great advice, I like my aircraft to be mushy and not so rigid, I have my basic gains all at 85 and the vertical at 100.
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