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Video prize competition: victim of an attack
312 0 2016-5-26
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Hi all

as you may know i am in  a video prize competition ( a short one) a I ask you to help me and to like this video...if you do of course. Many of you liked it...thank you. BUT i have been victim of what i called a "falses likes attack". During the night I gained more than 300 likes (and less 200  seeing of the video!)... Strange isnt it? So the organizer of the competition said to me that it was not possible...and I agree. So he reset my counter to zero!

(I did knew about this false like but it seems that you can buy for less than 5 euros/Dollars...) so it is easy to try disqualify someone when you want to win a prize that cost 30 times more!

Nevertheless I am still in the competition so if you want to help me you just have to click, view (20 sec), possibly laugh and finally like!  Thanks and sorry again!

ps video made with a DJI products..not a phantom (not anymore phantom user) but an OSMO!

Use props
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