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Warranty Change
628 0 2016-6-23
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I'll attempt to be brief and to the point...

I would strongly recommend that people print and/or save a copy of the warranty listed on DJI's website. They are required to furnish this with  their products but they don't. I am currently addressing an ongoing issue with DJI in which they state that they need to _receive_ the Phantom within the warranty period, not just that the failure occurred or a claim being made within that time frame. If you look at their online warranty at this time it contains the following condition:

"n. Respective product has not been sent back to DJI 7 calendar days after warranty service confirmation from DJI."

However, this was _just added_. I have already printed a copy of the warranty and it did not contain this condition.

I bring this up as DJI has started to claim their warranty does not cover anyone using a 3rd party app (just a flat out denial). However, DJI representatives (and employees) here have claimed that using a 3rd party app does _not_ automatically result in a warranty denial (someone is obviously incorrect). DJI has also flat out denied warranty service when the Follow Me mode was used (again, no indication that the mode caused the issue). So I caution people... DJI could very well add these exclusions and conditions to their online warranty and no one would know that they were added or when. This is one reason why companies are required to furnish a written warranties with their products.
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