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Abusive fringing with Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm 1.8 lens on x5r
778 0 2016-7-5
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Ok DJI, so here's my problem.
I use the x5r with the following lens:
Panasonic Lumix 15mm 1.7
Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm 1.8
Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm 1.8

All these normally have built-in lens profiles wich are used by Adobe Camera RAW to automatically apply lens correction to the DNG files. You can't turn this auto correction off (at least in Camera RAW).

The 15mm and 45mm are stellar, and Cinelight will export perfect dng files, even though the transfer is a little bit slow... The problem though, is with the 25mm. Somehow, the x5r applies the wrong built-in lens profile to the DNG files. So when I export these, the resulting images are plagued with an excessive amount of purple and green fringing. Too much to correct it with Camera RAW without impacting the overall image quality. See the screenshots attached...

It seems like the attached lens profile is the same used for the 15mm lens, this is what's causing this wrong interpretation of the image (DJI M43RAW). Now my workaround (which is NOT because it's so godamn long) is to export PRORES directly from Cinelight and by leaving unchecked "warp rectilinear". If I check it, the same fringing problem occures. It's not really a workaround because it takes days to export PRORES from Cinelight.

Anyone else has the same issue? Did you find another faster workaround?

DJI, will you adress this in an upcoming patch?!

I'm on firmware v01.08.01.40

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.24.20 AM.png
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