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Dji phantom 2 v2 battery; durability
656 1 2016-7-29
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Hey all,

Im going to buy a second-hand phantom 2 v2 with 3 batteries, and I was wondering if I can still trust on them? What's the durabilty for phantom 2 batteries? They're already 2 years old i guess.

Thanks in advance.
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That will all depend on how well it's been used and maintained.  Of course, that can pretty much be said about anything.   While there is no CARFAX for Phantoms you can pop each battery in the Phantom, fire up the Vision Assistant and take a look at how well they are holding up.  I have three different Phantom 2 models and five batteries.  They don't get a lot of use since I got a Phantom 3 but I still charge up the batteries at least once every three months and fly until they get down to around 20%.  I have labels on each battery so I can tell at a glance how many times each one has been recharged so they will all get an equal amount of "exercise".  Ask your seller about how he has been following the usage guidelines and if you get a slack-jawed blank stare -- walk away from the deal.  Actually, RUN!

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