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A3/M600 Important notice for commecial operators
889 0 2016-7-29
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I've been told by DJI that the A3 cannot have its flight restrictions removed.
As the flight restriction areas can be changed by DJI at their whim you need to know that they can ground your commercial operations indefinitely with no explanation or notice or recourse.

If you have an A3/M600 or have considered buying one I encourage you to email to ask to have your A3 unlocked if you are a commercial operator and operating within your local laws.

I'm not encouraging anyone to do anything foolish and unlawful here, I'm assuming that we're all commercial operators and know the law better than DJI! If we can get enough emails to DJI hopefully they will change this oversight.

(To the forum mods, I would like to point out that I am not breaching forum guidelines by arguing against DJI policy, the current DJI policy is that their systems should be able to be unlocked from the NFZ if it is safe and lawful to do so but this policy is not currently applied to the A3/M600 and there is no explanation of this oversight.  Likewise I fully encourage anyone operating a remote vehicle/drone to do so safely, carefully and well within the letter of local laws)
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