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fpv setup for phantom 2
843 1 2016-8-9
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hi there forum...ive got a question im thinking of getting fpv set up for my phantom 2 a boscam galaxy d2 monitor reciever, and a boscam ts5823 wireless transmitter,a sj cam 400 camera for fpv question is how can i power the wireless transmitter..what battery can i use....i have a 7.4 v 2000 mah battery is that too much..i also need to power a walkera g3d gimball..please help...
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Sorry I cant help you with the technical details, the main reason I bought the Vision + was that it was fully integrated and did not need anything added.
I would think that the websites for the products you mention would be a good place to start, most should have some sort of fitting instructions available to download. Failing that a good old Google search for fitting instructions.
You might need to check with Walkera about the SJ 400 camera, as the Walkera web page for the G3D gimbal only says its compatible with the GoPro or Walkera cameras. Remember that a 3 axis gimbal is a finely balanced unit and might not like having a different camera fitted. But again, Google is your friend.
Hopefully someone with 1st hand experience of setting up a FPV system will come along and advise you.
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