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How to pack phantom for shipment?
4276 1 2016-8-11
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Hey there, so one of my phantom 3 engines stop working. DJI support arranged a UPS shipping to come pick up.

I have a few questions I hope somebody can help:

1- I am sending the aircraft only... I dont need to send RC and batery and sdcard right? Since the problem is only with the engine.

2- I see DJI says to ship only dji material but I dont have the original gimbal holder with me, I am using a third party one... You think I should send it? If not what should I to protect the gimbal?

3- No original box with me also, I bought cartoon box and I filling it with airbags and paper to protect the quad... Any advice on that?

Thanks in advance

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You can just send in the aircraft, just keep in mind that you would need to rebind the RC when you get it back, as they will just pair your aircraft with another RC for QC test flights. Sending in the RC with the aircraft would ensure that the two stay bound, but that is your decision.

For the gimbal guard, you can send it in, but please be advised that the repair facility is not liable for any 3rd party accessories if it is lost or damaged. We can only replace them with stock accessories in those cases. If you wish to keep the guard, then large amounts of bubble wrap may suffice. The same can be said for the inside of the shipping box itself, if you wish to vary that with the airbags and paper you suggested.
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