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Phantom 4 + Osmo
477 0 2016-9-15
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Second Officer

Hi all, sorry for double post, but I feel Phantom users would be interested in also.
So this my short video recorded with Osmo and Phantom 4.
At first I tried to upload it on youtube but the compression there is very bad, especially noticed on fragments with fast motion.
So after looking around I decided to try dailymotion. Looks better for me.
But there is advartisement before the video, sorry for that, I don't know how to disable it.
I'm open for advices for alternative free video hosts, allowing better video quality than on youtube and without file limitations like on vimeo.

Problems with Osmo:
- 1. Unstable horizontal line upon walking and turning left/right (fixed in Adobe Premiere)
- 2. Unusable for hyperlapses (time-lapse with walking) - it doesn't hold the straight direction, swings from left to right a bit. I used video mode for this with increasing speed in Adobe Premiere. It holds the direction better in video mode.

With Phantom 4 - one small problem - sometimes it doesn't hold the altitude upon flying from a rock - the altitude is increased for a few meters and when flies back over the rock - the altutde is restored to initial value.

Use props
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