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Main Controller Data Error, common fixes failed
1019 3 2016-9-16 06:55:41

6 days after purchasing my Phantom 3 Advanced from Staples, I got a "Main Controller Data Error". So great how I can only use it for 6 days. I am terrified to fly it with this error for the fear of it crashing and injuring someone. I did IMU calibration, but it still gives me an IMU error. I did compass calibration, and that worked (somehow). The status indicator tells me the barometer has an error. Through reading FORUMS, not the so-called HELP PAGES, I believe I have narrowed it down to a problem with the internal SD card. I DO NOT want to take apart my Phantom. I also don't want to wait 3 months for support to tell me to do what I've already done. I have upgraded to the latest firmware, and the upgrade was successful. I want to attempt to format the internal SD, but the DJI GO app doesn't allow that anymore and deleting the log files through Windows using the USB cable didn't work either. I am at a complete loss. Please help me fix this
2016-9-16 06:55:41
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DJI Mindy
Hong Kong

Hello joshuamoore235, please do the IMU calibration when the aircraft is cool down.
Did you update the RC firmware as well? Please provide some screenshots of the error message.
2016-9-16 18:38:07
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Plz fix the problem main data control error
Phantom3 pro
2016-12-30 12:28:02
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Hy, my plane crashed against a wall, and since then I can not fly it because it says that I should calibrate the IMU. But when I try to do that, it only reaches 1% and gives me an "unknown error" and abort calibration. How can I fix it.
Tahnk you

2017-4-21 08:42:05
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