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Ops Manual help
504 2 2016-9-21
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I'm starting to do my ops manual for my phantom 3 standard and I really dont know where to  start.
the company has sent me out a template to use to fill in the manual but whenever it asks about company what would you put?
I'm not a company and have just been doing this for fun but recently won a competiton for my licence and its all confusing.

any help would be great, I've been searching google and these forums and only found a forum about the inspire which I'm hoping will help with filling this manual in.

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You should be able to get guidance from the company your doing your theory course with.
In answer to your question you could try your name followed by sole trader/trading as or self employed.
You should complete your theory course prior to submitting your ops manual.Submitting an ops manual alone will not be sufficient to gain your licence from the CAA.
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Flight distance : 426367 ft
United Kingdom

just wondering what people put as the cover page for their ops manual?
I have a template but not sure what to take out and what to leave.
this is the general layout of the first page of the template ive been giving.

CAA Ops manual template issued in CAP 722

CAP 722  
Appendix B: UAS OSC Volume 1 - Operations Manual Template  
UAS OSC Volume 1 - Operations Manual

UAS OSC - Volume 1 - Operations Manual  

Ryan Crawford

UAS Operating Safety Case Volume 1 – Operations Manual Version 1.0 Dated 24/09/2016

This document must be an original work representing the applicant Company.  
The Company must take responsibility for its own safety case, whether the material originates from this template or otherwise.  
Any significant changes to the Company’s OSC will require further assessment, by the CAA or approved organisation, prior to further operations being conducted.  
All text in {curly brackets} is guidance only and must be deleted from the Company’s OSC}

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