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Battery Topping Off & Charge Cycle Registration
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I know I'm not the only one who does this.
You want to do an IMU calibration or a compass cal, but you don't want to fly.
Or you want to down load from the bird.
So you slap in a fresh battery and go at it.
When done you are down by 5-8%.
Well you certainly don't want to drive over to the field and wait for warm up and fly on a battery that by then would be sitting at 90%.

So does the DJI charger top off the batteries when no lights are active ?
Or does it have to be down to the 75% lights to get the charger going ?

Second When does a charge cycle get registered in the battery ?
Does it have to be below 50% then charge ?
If I am forced to halt the charge cycle, does it click off another one when I start charging again ?

These are the questions society wants to know.
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If your battery is mostly full and the charge lights don't start, simply turn the battery on the same as when you fly and charging will start so you can top up the battery.

Charge cycles show how many full charge cycles your battery has done.
1 full charge = 1 cycle
2 half charges = 1 cycle etc.
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Hello Roymoon, it's no need to be down to 75%, the batteries will be fully-charged and the led on charger will be solid green. Notice: if the batery level is above 95%, please turn on the battery before charging.
For the second question, a charge cycle will be registered when discharge capacity reaches to around 70%.
For more info, please check this video or you could download mamual on our website:

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