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Go Pro Karma in Same Boat as Mavic
1767 2 2016-10-30
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Copied from GO PRO KARMA site Go Pro Pilots forums:                         

Well, it looks like GoPro has the same problem as DJI when it comes to shipping. Their site now says the GoPro Karma will not ship until November 14th at the earliest.

What's equally as bad is that GoPro has a shortage of everything "Karma" related. Hopefully when the Karma is finally shipped, the Karma batteries will also be available.

The Reason the Karma is delayed worldwide:
Having a look around the internet it appears the answers to the GoPro Karma disaster of a launch can be found in the business headlines.

It seems that GoPro ran into big money problems last year with supply chain management. They built more products than there was a demand for at a cost that can no longer be recovered. The cost of warehousing and inventory was in the millions.

The GoPro Karma was purposely given a slow start because GoPro only created a small number so that they could ensure they had a better grip on the demand.

The forum goes on and on with just about the same problems the Mavic has. So you can cancel your Mavic order and go get a Karma, or relax and wait.
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Yeah it was well publicised that go pro would not manufacture huge stock, as over the last two years they have amassed huge overstock of go pros which now lie in storage,
It's all about CS wings and roundabout, I do think however they have been somewhat more transparent than dji.
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iphonedo's review kills any appetite to get a Karma ;)
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