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I´m a professional photographer and few years plan to purchase drone.
New angle of view is very interesting for me.
Movies are not important for me today, but might be tomorrow - who knows.

The problem is that I still use the large format system camera and panoramic 6x17 cm.
Therefore I don´t have a professional digital system ready to use on drone.

Could you please let me know which drone/system would you purchase for work from above ?

Do I need to go for the best/big drone direct or is there any other choice with relatively good/professional results ???

Thank you very much in advance ....

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Hey Rasu, if I were you I would go for the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. It's a great all-around rig with a more than powerful enough camera. If you've got the budget, you could try the Phantom 4 as well. I don't see camera drones getting that much more advanced over the next year or two, so either of those should last you a while. You could also check out the first 11 drones in this article for a few more options. Good luck!
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Hey buddy,
I do similar work for large production companies.  For professional results I would go with the Inspire1Pro with the X5R cam/gimbal, and shoot in RAW.   I personally have found the Inspire1Pro not to be the greatest video drone, however it takes excellent stills.  The X5 works well also and is much cheaper.  However the clarity does drop off a bit.  I actually did a shoot for a local TV station this morning (forest fires in our area), and we got some amazing stills from both the Inpsire1Pro w/ X5 and Inspire1Pro X5R.  I can send you some comps if you like.  My preference as stated is the X5R for obvious reasons.  Also, since you are a professional, I probably don't need to tell you this, but get this or better -- ... zVRw51goaAtTr8P8HAQ

It will have your pictures looking absolutely amazing.   

For something cheaper I would suggest the P4 or P3p as Jliles mentioned.  Your biggest drawback is low light shooting.  The P4 seems to handle night shots a bit better, however if you are doing a lot of sunrise/sunset shots, you really shouldn't depend on a phantom as there is too much pixilation in low light even at the most optimal settings (however to be fair not terrible).  
Astonishingly,  the Mavic Pro,  which I have been testing out,  seems to take some decent pictures akin to the P4 in low light.  However it is VERY important to take the glass off, as I learned, and to make sure you always grab your focus and have your setting to RAW or RAW+Jpeg (for easy ingest).  

So, if we aren't talking about expensive Pro Systems like the Matrices or Spreading Wings., then go with the Inspire1Pro w/ X5R gimbal/cam for professional results.  I would suggest shooting everything in Cinema/D-Log if you are planning on editing these pictures (as you should!!).  Unlike other users, I actually like shooting in Vivid if I don't plan on making any edits (I'm sure I'll get yelled at for that).  

If you need help with larger systems, I can help with that, feel free to give me a holler.
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