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What's the point of owning a drone if you can't fly it?
8250 43 2016-10-31
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South Africa

Look, you're lucky that you can actually get a drone, out here in South Africa they are almost unaffordable yet you are allowed to fly without the need to register, I've been trying to get my hands on a DJI product for a while as they are scarce. If there is anyone out there willing to gift me with a drone, I'll be forver in your favour
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United States

I second just being grateful to buy one. But I'm in the same boat as you, I can't fly it anywhere and live in venn diagram of restricted airspaces. So while I'm grateful, it's gratitude that someone else, somewhere else, can actually use one. I've spent hours trying to figure out where I could go. There's some potential a hour or two away, but even if that paid off, this isn't for me. I have family and can't commit to a 4-5 hour trip to fly. I'm selling my Spark and getting into a different hobby.
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Picanoc Jack
Flight distance : 4915866 ft

I know for a fact that if I was to make arrangements with our National park the Cabot trail, you could get permission to fly a drone, I have no restrictions where I reside however after flying the same place for months on end I do enjoy taking my Mavic Pro out to different places,  stop your whining and venture out.  
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Neo Supreme
Second Officer
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United States

You gotta venture out.  If that's not what you're willing to do, then yes, having a drone is a moot point.  There are many restrictive areas around where I live, but, I find places to fly.
1-14 04:46
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