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Compass Calibration, is it needed?
583 1 2016-11-2
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Flight distance : 88619 ft

Hi ,
I used to fly the Phantom 2 for a while, and am very used to calibrating the compass before every flight , takes all of 15 secs.

With the mavic, Is there a need to? I would assume so? But I went to a new location to fly, and i started turning on everything and looking at all the settings, and before i bent down to do the calibration, the mavic LED was showing green , as if the compass was ok?

Does that mean its safe to fly?

And if I want to be anal ,  and want to start the compass calibration, how do i do that? the old phantom was clicking the levers up n down 5 times, now is it in the settings?

FYI, after that issue when I looked and the mavic was showing green, I tried to fly, with no issues, just around me in case something went berserk.

So am just wondering what the SOP would be now.

Thanks for the help
Use props
DJI Mindy

Here is the screenshot for your reference.Aircraft will flash green when compass calibration is successful.
Also you could flipped the Flight Mode Switch for six time and then it will enter the compass calibration.
Use props
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