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Care Refresh Activation Explained
603 0 2016-11-8
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Jake Phantom 3
Second Officer
Flight distance : 2639747 ft
United States

I sent this inquiry to DJI support about the ifs and buts of Care Refresh.

DJI Care,
I'd like to know if I buy a Mavic in late November and it doesn't get here until December. Now, I'll wait for Spring another three months until I use it or register it.
Question is:
Can I put the Care Fresh on it then (Spring) even though I've had it for four months, but haven't used/registered it.

I'm assuming I can since it hasn't been registered yet and it's new.

DJI Support reply Below:

Justin Liao (DJI)

Dear Jake,
Thank you for contacting DJI Care.
You can purchase DJI Care Refresh for the drones under below conditions:
· Brand-new and unactivated aircraft.
· Activated less than 48 hours.  

So, if you purchased it in late November without having it activated, you will be able to purchase DJI Care Refresh for it in the next Spring.
But I will suggest to purchase the drone next Spring together with the DJI Care Refresh in the same order.

Hope the above information will help you.
Have a nice day~

Best Regards,
Justin Liao
DJI Technical Support
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