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New P4 coming in tomorrow (11/29) - a few questions
461 1 2016-11-28
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Ok, my new P4 should be delivered tomorrow (11/29), and I've got a few noobie questions:

Firmware updates - regardless of what the manual says, has there been a consensus on whether to get it "going" and "set up" before performing any out-of-the-box updates to the firmware of either the controller or the drone before getting it set up and doing a few basic tests?  Or - get it updated as soon as it comes out of the box?  

Same question as the newly released app - get the Android device updated to the new DJI Go 4.x version, or use the older 3.x version until setup, etc.?

Didn't see much on the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, so wondering if anyone else has had success with this tablet or not.  Mine is the SM-T230-NU (USA version), the Wi-Fi version only (no cellular) running some custom firmware that has a 3.1.x kernel and running Android 4.4.2.  Better to go back to stock firmware (and debloat...)?  The custom firmware supposedly came from Samsung original firmware, just debloated to get rid of the Samsung apps.

I'm assuming the manual has a good, step-by-step process to get it unboxed, setup, configured, etc. that is "reliable"?  Or are there some other, seemingly more reliable sources for a P4?

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You could check whether it performs perfect firstly when you receive it, while some users would like to upgrade all to the latest at first, please note that you need upgrade both remote and aircraft at the same time to make sure they are consistent with each other.
Since you own P4 but not P4P, you can still use the previous APP.
For the mobile device, it's recommended to use one in DJI compatibility list.
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