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Wierd Motion Blur with Osmo X5Pro
875 0 2016-12-3
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So im shooting a Music Video for a artist and the settings im using are 80shutter speed 1.7 Apeture and 800 iso at the highers 4k res
but im getting this weird motion blur , when the artist waves his hands and moves , its like it almost makes like a ghosting effect, this is my first time using the 4k feature on the osmo pro
and the wierd thing i have used the 2.7k and never experienced this, and gotten good results , but i want to film at 4k since its there  what seems to be the problem

i uploaded the Rough unedited Cut, so can you can see what im talking about * especially blown up full screen

ive seen other people who have shot in 4k at low light settings on the osmo pro and i dont see anything like this

Note You may have to mute your speakers because the Audio Track is not synced so it sounds kinda terrible

Use props
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