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P4P+ - Arrived - Setup - Update - Fly... A OK
1371 0 2016-12-12
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United States

Received the P4 PRO Plus today {:4_181:}

Like the P4 PRO from last week.

1- Unboxed -

2- Charged RC and Battery

3 - Left Aircraft outside for 1/2 hour (2 C. without the battery)

3- Turned RC on, signed to DJI.

4- Turned AC (DO NOT UPDATE)

5- Initialized IMU (Must follow step and images to the letter! or don't come back ). FLAT LEVELED SURFACE - Success. Turn off RC and Ac.

6- Turn RC / AC back on ( DO NOT UPDATE)

6- Did AUTOMATIC GIMBAL CALIBRATION - Success - Turn off RC and AC

7 - Turn RC / AC back on, PLUG  THE DONGGLE FROM RC TO the Aircraft  and click DOWNLOAD - It will download and update both in less than 10 miutes.

8- Turn RC/ AC off - Wait few minutes - Turn RC/ AC on, then did COMPASS CALIBRATION - (remote away, keys, phone ext... away from aircraft) finish calibration and...

UP...  UP... and AWAY 2 Batttery runs  used all the options looks great....

Need Help... Just Tap - GOOD LUCK!

Use props
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