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Data overlay on Mac - bit of a workflow
975 0 2016-12-16
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Hi Folks,

Like many people, I've been spending some time trying to work out how to overlay data on a video on a mac, and I think I've come up with a solution, just unfortunately not an all-in-one solution, and I'll try and show how we can get it into your workflow, but people who are better than me at video editing can come up with better I'm sure, and I hope they'll share!

1. get video with SRT files from your device
2. do your own thing with colour grading etc, but do not add or remove anything at this point (titles, removing clips etc)
3. use dashcam viewer ( to open your video, with the SRT alongside, and you can export a GPX file from here.
4. open edited video in Garmin Virb edit, and import the gpx file that you exported from dashcamviewer, so now as you're using the srt rather than the flightlog, you don't need to sync the two up, as the start of one is also the start of the other, and start playing with gauges.
5. Then you can do edits that don't rely on the quality of the video quite so much, adding titles, other captions etc

Hope this helps some folks out so quite as many people aren't tearing their hair out to avoid using bootcamp and dashware, and being stuck with 1080p then rather than 4k
Use props
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