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Mavic gimble goes crazy (gets it's groove back apparently)
787 1 2016-12-18
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United States

So while out today in Santa Cruz, I was messing with the Mavic trying to learn a few things.  While there, I was actually approached by several interested people.  It was quite refreshing to have people take interest and not immediately judge drones negatively.  I even spoke with 4 different people/groups that were, respectively, older, but they were really interested in what the new technology could do.

Anyway, as I'm standing there showing a nice gentleman and his wife/girlfriend/lady friend how the Mavic works, I realize that the gimble is just going nuts.  The Mavic was just hovering above us and off to the side a bit but not far away at all.  I had just taken off and noticed that I had no control over the tilt.  While I was trying to talk to the nice folks, I tried to pan down so they could see themselves and that's when I noticed the issue so I started recording.

As you can see in the video, the gimble is just bouncing all around.  Even when I land and I'm holding it in my hand, it's still having issues.  Finally, when I set it down and let it sit for a second, the issue clears up and it worked fine for the rest of the day.  

I don't know that this is a systemic issue ans it didn't repeat but I'll update if it does.  Mostly, I'm just wondering if anyone can put a finger on what might have caused the issue?  Either way, I just wanted to post this in case anyone else comes across this issue.
Oh, just to add some more info.  The Mavic was flying perfectly fine and level.  There was a slight breeze but again, it was fine before and after so I don't think it was wind.  Also, this is with the latest firmware and with DJI Go 4 on a Galaxy Note 3 (since I've had issues with my S7 Edge).

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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hello colonel00, please test more and if you still have some gimbal issue, please keep us posted.
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