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A tip to speed up Windows Movie Maker
3813 3 2016-12-20
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Windows Movie Maker is a free and surprisingly powerful video editor that is pretty easy to use.  But when you import a video for editing, it can take a very long time just for the import, before you get to do any editing at all.  There is an easy way to speed this process up about 10 times faster than normal.

Open MovieMaker and select the Add Photos and Videos button.  
Browse to the file you want to add and click it.
MovieMaker will begin the import process. On the lower left side of the screen is the progress bar.  It is probably barely moving at all.  To fix this, just:

Place cursor on the taskbar, ( usually at the bottom of your desktop screen, the thing with the start menu button and other icons on it.)
Right click on the task bar and select Task Manager.
In Task Manager, select the Processes tab.
Scroll through the list of running processes until you see WlxTranscode.exe Right click on that process
Now select Set Priority from the menu.
Another menu will pop up.  Select HIGH.  Selecting RealTime may cause a crash.
Now minimize the Task Manager window and look at the progress bar in MovieMaker.  It should be moving along pretty quickly now.  
You have to do this for every file you import into MovieMaker, even if you are just adding a file to the existing video.
There is a way to make this priority change for the transcoding process permanent.  If anyone is interested in how to do that, let me know and I will post the information.
This tip also helps when you are finished editing and ready to publish.  Just find the transcode process when saving and set high priority on it.
Hope this helps.

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Aloha Kneepuck,

     Mahalo for the tip.  My friend uses it and was complaining about that.  Now they have a solution!

Aloha and Drone On!
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DJI team
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Neat trick! Thanks for sharing. It's been a while since I played around with Movie Maker myself.
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In order to make Windows Movie Maker Fast, first it is recommended to turn a slow PC into a fast computer. Some tricks to boost Windows PC performance are given below:

•        Disable programs that run on startup. ...
•        Disable shadows, animations and visual effects. ...
•        Launch the Windows troubleshooter. ...
•        Get help from the Performance Monitor. ...
•        Kill bloatware.

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