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P2 Water crash, now beep beep error! any Help??
560 2 2016-12-21
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Crashed my Phantom 2 into water. Previous crashes into land or water and I was able to fix her new. This time I'm getting a double beep that won't stop.
Here are 2 videos to give you an idea of what's going on.

From the video, you can see the gimbal isn't functioning. I unplugged the gimbal, and restarted it but that didn't help. 2 motors work, 2 don't. From previous crashes I'm pretty sure the motor control boards for the 2 non working ones need to be replaced. All software shows to be up to date. Calibration works. The controller apears to be functioning fine and even can start the motors, power up, and stop just fine. GPS connects and finds satellites.
I can't think of anything else to help identify the issue.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Honestly, who knows what kind of damage has been done from being submerged in the water (I'm guessing freshwater).
If you have the funds, a P3 Standard is a huge advancement from your P2. It's on sale for $399 and the features it has over the P2 and the fact that the FPV is through your iPad or other device with HD video is totally worth it.
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Re-Verify the motor connections to the NAZA.  When I dunked my I re-connected the motor controls incorrectly and got a similar response.  If connected correctly you may need to replace the motor controls to clear the error. On boot the NAZA will test the speed controls, if they do not respond correctly you will get an error beep like the one in your video.....
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