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[Request]Auto-ISO in Manual Mode
2039 1 2016-12-28
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Hello folks

So, first of all it this is implemented and i haven't found out how to do it, shame on me

But, as it looks like at the moment, if you select "M" you can of course set your Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO. The Exposure Triangle Basically.

For the past Months, i've read alot about Professional Photography and Film Making and what i've read recently in Modern Times from highly Professional Photographers, they suggest shooting in a Method where you basically adjust Shutter Speed and Aperture yourself and the Camera adjust the ISO automatically, within a Limit you set yourself. (Say: ISO 3200)
And that would always make sure, the Exposure is correct and not Over/Underexposed, while you change Aperture and Shutter, Awesome!

I know on the P4Pro you can do this actually, but i've found only in Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, but not in "Manual".

With todays Modern Cameras Noise isn't so bad anymore (just look at Nikons ISO-Invariant Sensors) you can take shots with ISO 6400 and it looks pretty darn good.

Now for the people that say anything above ISO 800 is alot of Noise, well MAYBE you are true (mostly back in the Days), but every Photographer will tell you, they will rather take a Noisy Photo than a Blurry photo due to low Shutter.

As a workaround now for Filming, you can go into Shutter Priority and @ 30 fps you can set a Shutter of 1/60 and select Auto-ISO, but the changes in Aperture constantly are really annoying, since the P4PRO doesn't have a clickless Aperture.

What do you think, do you want Auto-ISO in Manual Mode for the P4Pro? Give it a try, even with your DSLR, i'm sure you'll like it!

Use props

There is only one way to have a smooth change of exposure. Auto iso in manual mode!
Shutter = change by step, Aperture = change by step and inaccurate.
Only iso can make changes after 1 and changes will be smooth. You're absolutely right!
I definitely do not want to automatically change the speed of the shutter or aperture.
Use props
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