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Poor Enough Service to LOL - CAS-322862-W4Y7G9
865 1 2017-1-13
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Flight distance : 474341 ft
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United States

After several months spent waiting for service from your team of 'support specialists', the 'detailed flight analyses' was so thorough you provided me a discount coupon for the purchase of a new aircraft. But this was for an aircraft you had not analyzed, I do not and have never owned, nor even flew. After I brought this issue to your attention, you were kind enough to invalidate the far more valuable coupon (for the Phantom 4), to instead provide me with the coupon for the aircraft that lost power mid-flight and was destroyed (my Phantom 3 Pro).

I appreciate your superior customer support. I am beyond angry regarding this issue, thus I only wish to spread this as far and wide as possible. Regarding the analysis, the aircraft was uncontrollable during the latter portion of the flight. I indicated that I did indeed operate the aircraft for as long as possible to reduce the chance of the aircraft landing on a highway and causing a traffic accident, which I was successful in accomplishing. Thank you again for your support and understanding. Now I know what kind of company you are first hand, not just from others' accounts. (I sincerely hope you can detect sarcasm).

Finally, "not scheduling the battery usage well" is not listed in any of your documentation as a pilot error. If the aircraft were controllable, I could have more appropriately managed the battery life. Frankly, this incident irreparably tarnished my brand image, professional reputation, and was just embarrassing; Then you add 'customer service' like this to finish it off. Impressive.  

The redacted emails follow:


For the discount issue, I have send the wrong link to you. Since your drone is Phantom 3 Professional, we would like to offer you 15% off discount this item:

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

Warm regards,

DJI Support
DJI Support here. Thanks for your patience.

We have analyzed the flight records and found that:
1) The drone was flying under P-GPS mode, and responded to the remote controller’s commands well during flight;
2) At flight time 14’07’’, the drone was with 103 meters height and 369.6 meters away from home point. There was only 22% battery life left. There was an Intelligent Low Battery RTH (Return To Home) popup on the app since the battery life is only enough for a RTH. However, The pilot has cancelled it;
3) At flight time 14’53’’, the drone was with 172 meters height and 541.1 meters away from home point. There was only 16% battery life left. The battery life is only enough for landing the drone, so the drone started a critical low battery landing;
4) When the drone was landing, pilot still operated the drone, which drained the battery;
5) At flight time 17’50’’, the drone was with 72 meters height and 353.1 meters away from home point. The flight record was ended because the battery was dead.

The attachments are screenshots for your reference.

It’s a pilot’s error (not scheduling the battery usage well) instead of product malfunction and there won’t be any warranty.

We really appreciate your choosing DJI. We would love to have you continue using our product, so we would like to provide you a 15% discount coupon for the item linked below:

If you like to accept the offer, please reply to my email affirmatively, for example “I accept the offer. Please send me the coupon”. After your confirmation, normally, we will send you the coupon by email within 3 working days.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,

DJI Support

HealthyDrones_Battery Cell.pdf

447.68 KB, Down times: 2

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Flight distance : 13602 ft

Sorry about sending you the wrong coupon. We'll improve our staff's training.

Like the analysis said, the DJI Go app should have already indicated critically low battery and instructs you land immediately, which you didn't do according to the email. So this accident is deemed to be caused by pilot-error, thus not eligible for a warranty repair/replacement.
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