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Color setttings on the Mavic Pro
1044 3 2017-1-15 13:15:39
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I got my Mavic about a week ago, so I'm slowly learning to use it. One thing I really do care about is post production, and color grading, so I've tried to use the D-log mode and grading it in DaVinci using the LUT from One issue is that the quality is extremely bad - I get a lot of compression artifacts, and the colour looks overdone. Today I got the most beautiful shots, but when I came home, I realized they where unusable.

I've seen a lot of people, especially on YouTube, having their take on the optimal settings when using the footage in post production, but most people aren't referring to the "Art" style that does not exist any more.

What do you guys use? I'm really torn here, and I wish DJI would focus more on giving tips to what settings to use and what to do
2017-1-15 13:15:39
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DJI Mindy
Hong Kong

Hello, we didn't remove "Art" style but rename it to "film-A,B,C,D, etc".
What about using the default camera settings?
2017-1-15 22:21:49
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I have used d-cinelike with nice results.

As for artifacts it depends on 60mbps rate I think. I also have some artifacts in shadows or high detail such as tree etc. Try to use 2.7k setting.
2017-1-16 03:39:19
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Second Officer
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DJI Mindy Posted at 2017-1-15 22:21
Hello, we didn't remove "Art" style but rename it to "film-A,B,C,D, etc".
What about using the default camera settings?

I never got that far to use the Art style in practice. I'm still just experimenting, learning to fly (when weather allows, which it currently not very often).

However Art was a flat style, a bit like D-Log but not that flat. It was many filmmakers prefered choice because D-log was too flat in practice to get nice results in post.
The film-A,B,C,D... are not flat styles, but "predefined color-gradings" (skip the post-processing an move directly to a finished stylish "cinema look").

Art is still missing.

But I saw someone found a work-around. Apparently you can still choose Art in 3rd party apps like Litchi, and then switch to the DJI app and use it (just don't choose a new style in the DJI app).

2017-1-16 05:10:10
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