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Can't set my position as Homepoint. Help?
465 0 2017-1-15
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I have been trying to establish a way to track down my mavic if it happens to go down in thick forest (of which I have plenty where I fly).

I figured I could track it down by following the trail on my map (and then activate a Tile-type bluetooth tracker when I'm close), but as soon as a move away from the take-off point, I can't set Myself as the home point to get a position relative to the drone, as it keeps saying "Device GPS signal too weak - Can't set home point". Tried on both iPhone 5 and iPad Mini 4, but fails on both. Anyone else have this problem or is it GPS strength in my area? I'm getting 10-13 satellites!

I seem to be able to find myself on the Maps app no problem...
Any ideas?

Use props
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