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Creating balance (mine works like a charm out of the box)
511 0 2017-1-27
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Flight distance : 2096562 ft

While waiting for my Mavic I have been following the debate here and for every day I got more and more scared, did I make a misstake by chosing the Mavic?

I have had 3 different phantoms before this one and well they did not work well, problems with software, compass errors etc. At some point I decied to "return" the last one I owned because even if it's a complex system it should work better then it did at that point.

Anyways, the Mavic arrived some days ago and I have read that it was small, but the whole box (Fly more Combo) was smaller then the Phantom.
Yesterday I charged it and make FW upgrade and some initial setup/config.
The first thing that happend was that I had no image when I started it, OMG will it be the same story again?

That was solved by a restart and after that all systems GO.

Today I took for the first spin and my initial thoughts about it is:

Size is of course a huge difference, this one is portable.
So very stable, not comparable with the Phantom 3, a new dimension of this drone thing was opened.
The quality of the footage is so much improved (was shooting in 4k 30FPS, no profile yet) sharpness, colors.
Photo quality is also improved.
The flying it self is an improvment. Feels very responsive
Not ONE error message during 35 minutes of flying, stable 16-17 sats the whole time.
I don't fly "fast" it feels slower than the phantom 3 (I see this as a positive thing as it makes the footage smoother)

Really impressed so far, so NO misstake

I hope you guys that are waiting get yours soon.

Edit: 2017-02-01

I getting more and more impressed actually, been out there in some "cold" weather down to -2 C and the only thing that seems to be affected is my hands.
Pls add a handwarmer in the RC DJI {:4_177:}

BTW for what it's worth:Have NEVER made a calibration flying it like it came out of the box. Have read so many things about calibrate or not and I did the opposite way here. If the APP don't tell me I do not change anything.

Battery life is so good, you don't feel stressed or something you know that you will have enough power. I been traveling between different locations and the car charger is faster then the regular one?? It feels like it though.

The little bag is making me tired, I love the size and it's easy to pack and convinient to bring, pefect for carry around. But it is so hard to get the stuff out of it. Worried that the RC sticks will break when you push it in there.

Tried some of the intelligent flight modes and especailly like the Tripod mode since that was what I was missing on the phantoms. It's so easy now in comparision.
Some small issues to find the different modes in "active track" on IoS and DJI Go 4 latest verision, can only find Active track but not the underlying modes for some reason.

Include a link to the first flight if some one would like to see it.

Use props
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