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Mavic Can Handle The Heat
590 0 2017-1-29
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I picked up a Flir One thermal imaging camera and thought I'd use it to measure the temps of the mavic from rest in a 70 F ambient temps at rest, after 5 minutes flight and after 10 minutes flight.  It's cold here, so the test was performed indoors.  I put an X on the ground with painters tape to give the optical sensors something to key off of.

At rest the Mavic body was around 73.5 F, with the battery a coolish 58.7 F.

After 5 mins in the air the Mavic was basically up to operating temps.  The front of the craft had barely risen to 76.9, the motors were up to 97, the battery was upto 76.7 (so above room temp, but not crazy high), and the underbelly (heat sink) was up to 95.4.

After 10 mins there were increases, but not huge changes.  The Mavic seems to manage heat well, given that there's no breeze running over the heat sink to cool it down.

I recorded 75.2 F for the front of the craft (down a little but that could easily be accounted for by the volatility of measiring a hovering object.  The motor was also barely changed at 95.6.  The battery warmed up a little more (80.1 vs. 76.7) as did the heat sink (99.8 vs. 95.4) but we're not talking enourmous gains for another 5 minutes of hovering.

Hardly scientific, but Interesting nonetheless, and more importantly, fun.  If it wasn't snowing right now I'd also be checking the affect of 33 F ambient temps on those various readings.
Thermal_0 Minutes.JPG
Thermal_0 Minutes.JPG
Thermal_5 Minutes.JPG
Thermal_10 Minutes.JPG
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