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Help, IMU, Gyro, Accelerometer and Mater controller error
562 0 2017-2-8
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 2104931 ft

Hi there everyone, I have a liitle problem that hopefully someone can help with.
Last flew mid December without issues and then tried to go flying yestureday and got the error messages in the photos below.
Have tried a few things: IMU cal - freezes at 1% then says it's too hot, have tried cooling with ac but same result. (Battery temp reading 23.8C)
Have tried downgrading firmware with no change, have also upgraded back to the lastest firmware with no luck.
Have tried connecting X5 - no change.
Have tried start up without gimble - no change.
Tried compas calibration but nothing happpens.
In the sensor readings only the compas figures change when the aircraft is moved, the rest remain the same even after switching off and back on again.
Although one error states master controller can't talk to the gimble, the gimble still does the normal dance at start up but I have no control over it afterwards - it just goes limp, and I can upgrade and downgrade the firmwaree normally.
Not tried the 'stuck accellerometer trick' of hitting it yet but could be persuaded if I can find the corect tools to take the nose off and access them.
Airframe is about 18 months old I1 v1 with about 200 flights and no incidents.
Any help would be appreciated.

Ali IMG_3797.jpg IMG_3796.jpg IMG_3798.jpg
Use props
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